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Our Founders
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1982 Directory
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Operation Blessing Building
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1989 Building Dedication



The seeds of Operation Blessing were planted in the heart of Rachel Sparkowich in 1978, when she visited a local family that had many needs and did not know from where the next meal was coming. She was deeply moved by their situation and alerted friends, family and her church of their need. Items to aid the family began to flow into her home. She soon met more families with critical needs and by 1981, approximately 25 families were being helped out of her home. As the community responded to the need, her home rapidly became too small.

In 1982, God answered their prayers with free space in the basement of a local church. Rachel’s husband, Rick, became more actively involved and at a meeting held in their home, representatives from four area churches stepped forward to become coordinators. The coordinators served to make the needs of the Ministry known to their community. The outreach took on the name Operation Blessing and now continues to grow as more volunteers and churches become involved.






Since the start of the ministry, we have served the needs of over 350,000 people in their time of need. Today, we continue to grow more rooted in our communities by meeting individuals and families where they are by providing food, clothing, household items, and programs such as Seacoast Adopt A Block, Greenleaf Rec Center, and Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World.

Currently operating in 30,000 square feet of space in Portsmouth, NH, Operation Blessing has more than 100 volunteers, a small staff, and coordinators from affiliated churches in the surrounding community. We welcome volunteers of all ages to come and serve.

Operation Blessing collaborates with other non-profits and churches to aid individuals and families in transition by beginning with transaction and praying for transformation.

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