I saw this picture hanging on the wall.

I’m new to Operation Blessing. Just a few minutes with one of the founders of this ministry changed my life.

I felt truly blessed that a spot opened up for me on the Operation Blessing team. I was blown away by how well-organized everything is and how dignified the process is for our clients. The mission of “Transaction, Transition, and Transformation” really caught my attention. Upwards of $340,000 worth of donations were poured out into the community last year!

Then I saw it… a picture on the wall of the founders of Operation Blessing. Part of my job is to speak with pastors and clergymen from all over New England, and Rick and Rachel were known by almost all of them! I started to contemplate the legacy of this couple.
Then, Rachel pays me a visit…

She welcomed me to the Operation Blessing family and began to tell me about how they started it in their basement after meeting a family that only had a little bit of mayonnaise, some ketchup, and some spaghetti in their kitchen. They took the family to the grocery store and made sure that their pantry was full. From then on, they felt a burden for those who were struggling in the area.

Rachel recounted a time when the police came knocking on her door in the middle of the night, because an apartment building had caught on fire. When the Sparkowich’s had arrived, there were families with little children in their pajamas in the sub-zero temperatures watching their livelihoods (and some of their loved ones) perish in the fire. The authorities asked Operation Blessing for help. Rachel got teary-eyed as she explained that Operation Blessing never received winter coats, but that evening coats came in for each of the children in their exact size.

After she shared these things with me, she prayed for me. And I am blessed to be a part of such a legacy. To think that this major ministry (with the Greenleaf Rec Center, New Life Recovery Program, and Seacoast Adopt-a-Block all incorporated under it) began just with a burden for people who are struggling is very inspiring.

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